President: 罗兴平
Execuitve Vice President: 洪明光
Vice President: 张明煌 周承洲
陈华氢 赵 霞
Honorary President: 刘 文 黄永平 曾文剑
Honorary Advisors: 黄惠珍 王 震 余建强
蔡松芳 王颖超 王福生
许洪碧珠 林行珍 徐 斌
苏夏强 林建良 许健伦
谭坚毅 陈文雄 张 禾
江 斌 许小民 林志宏
Executive Director: 颜育龄 王赛花 周 鹭
孙壮志 李 风 陈 新
吴鸿宝 刘 芳 黄亚贤
郑智礼 钟鹭萍 付玲珑
洪冠文 魏贝贝 吴惟力
施丽娟 林 海 林燕惠
苏大川 于晓静 曾 鸣
谢敏丽 曾 畅 张慧芳
倪岩鷹 汤毅韵 黄蔚莉
施碧珍 杨维杰

About Us+more

XIAMEN ASSOCIATION, USA, grew out of SOUTH CALIFORNIA XIAMEN ASSOCIATION, USA, a legal, nonpartisan and nonprofit social group registered in 1996, was sponsored in 1995 by warmhearted overseas Chinese: Wen Liu, Yong Ping Huang and Wen Jian Zeng, who emigrated from Xiamen, Fujian province to the USA. The establishment of this social group is for overseas Chinese compatriots living everywhere in the USA to establish contacts, develop solidarity, love hometown, seek for the well-being together and build overseas Xiamen Family. Since the establishment of association, the various activities promote fellowship between the overseas Xiamen people, mutual assistance, and contact with the homeland.
  In 2012, Council decided to change the group's name from SOUTH CALIFOR......